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Massage This Point Every Day For The Best Results In Chinese Medicine

The key points San Yin Jao (SP6) is crucial in Chinese medicine, namely in acupuncture. This amazing location is found on the inside of both lower legs.

SP6 massage has a variety of health benefits. It is especially beneficial for women, who are more prone to stress, chronic fatigue, and sleep deprivation. It will enhance their appearance and provide numerous benefits.

The massage technique

To begin with, you must discover the specific location of the point in order to know where to begin the massage. Place the four fingers above the ankle in the indentation under the bone on the inside of the leg to do so. Now, begin rubbing the area behind the shins.

The massage should be repeated every day, at any time of day, but preferably in the evening, and should last 10 minutes. Now, here are some of the most important advantages of this point massage:

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Stability in the gastrointestinal tract

This spot can be massaged to relieve bloating and digestive issues.

The stimulation of the ovaries and uterus

This massage is extremely crucial and beneficial for women who are trying to conceive since it stimulates the ovaries and uterus.

A healthy menstrual cycle

Massage of the point SP6 might improve the menstrual cycle and decrease menstruation pain in women.

The skin’s elasticity

Massage this region to stimulate spleen function and help to improved skin elasticity and health.

Stimulating sexual desires

The massage of these places will help women rediscover their sensuality and treat hormonal issues.

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