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6 Easy Remedies To Make Your House Bug-Free (Without Chemicals)

It is true that spiders and bugs can frequently occur in your home, but if you are among those who despise being around them, you are aware that their removal can be difficult at times.

If you have recently encountered an infestation of spiders or other bugs, you can rest because there are several natural ways to get rid of them for good.

Common household things can be used to keep spiders at bay. Other than burning spiders and bugs, all of the alternatives we recommend are absolutely natural.

Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint oil can be quite useful in your home because it repels spiders and leaves the place feeling lovely. Purchase a bottle of peppermint essential oil and fill a spray container with it. When you spot a spider web, lightly spritz the area with your peppermint oil spray.

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Bugs, like all insects, dislike citrus. Rub citrus peels from oranges, lemons, or limes on the walls, baseboards, window sills, and other areas in your home where spiders tend to cluster.


You can use vinegar in the same way as you would peppermint oil. Fill a spray bottle halfway with vinegar and spray around areas where spiders and other bugs can enter your home.


Cedar repels insects and is less prone to rot because it is insect and spider resistant. When using wood outside, choose cedar. Consider using cedar for hangers, drawers, and cupboards on the inside. You can use cedar to create a defensive barrier around your property.

Keep your yard clean

Spiders typically congregate in your garden’s leaves, grass clippings, or wood heaps, so you must eliminate them. Maintain a steady level of garden care, and inspect the perimeter of your property for any gaps where bugs and spiders could enter.

Take care of your home’s hygiene.

You must keep your home clean in order to eliminate these concerns and avoid spider webs and cobwebs. If you have a damp cellar, you may need to install a dehumidifier or inspect your gutters to ensure that water does not enter.

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