How To Tell If A Tomato Is Sprayed: These Are Reliable Indicators

Here’s how to tell if a tomato has “chemicals” or not.

There has been much discussion regarding organic food, sprayed or unsprayed fruits and vegetables…

And do you even know how to tell if a tomato contains “chemistry”?

Tomatoes are a type of fruit that cannot be stored during the winter, although they are available for purchase in the spring.

How do you know if a tomato is sprayed?

To see if a vegetable or fruit contains pesticides, cut it open and examine inside.

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Toxin-infected tomatoes typically feature yellowish streaks with a yellow “spot” in the centre.

Be careful that the tomatoes are not the same size and look identical, because one that looks like it is “drawn” on the same pattern is certainly not natural. Avoid packaged fruits, they are almost as a rule from production in which chemicals and pesticides are heavily used.

If the tomato does not look “perfect”, if it has furrows, brown patterns or some of them look “fellery”, it is most likely an unsprayed tomato.

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