10 Foods & 3 Juices to Lower Cholesterol Oxidation

In the last fifty years, science has made significant improvements, one of which is a greater knowledge of what causes heart disease and a significant step in preventing heart attacks.

Doctors used to believe that excessive cholesterol was the cause of heart disease, but scientists have lately revealed that cholesterol levels had nothing to do with heart health.

To understand why this is the case, it is necessary to first define cholesterol. Cholesterol is a chemical produced by the body and stored in our tissues and blood plasma. This waxy material is a lipid that is covered with a protein to protect it while it travels through the bloodstream and is known as lipoprotein.

The first crucial thing to understand is that there are two forms of protein coating: HDL (high-density proteins) and LDL (low-density proteins). The issue is not high cholesterol levels; rather, it is inflammation caused by blood oxidation. This inflammation is responsible for plaque buildup and artery hardening, which leads to heart disease, strokes, and other medical problems.

The issues are produced by free radicals, which oxidize these LDLs and produce harmful cholesterol. However, these free radicals are created by our own habits, which must be changed if we are to prevent LDL oxidation.

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Smoking is one of the causes, as are stress, lack of sleep, air pollution, antibiotics, hormones administered to animals reared for food, and coffee.

Free radicals cannot be prevented, but they should be minimized as much as possible, which is difficult to do in an urban environment. However, it is also true that you should aim to reduce your LDL because the more LDL you have, the more of it can be oxidized and the more likely you are to suffer a heart attack.

Foods That Can Prevent Cholesterol Oxidation

The greatest strategy to prevent oxidation and significant problems down the future is to make healthy eating choices. You should avoid consuming unhealthy fats such as dairy, vegetable oil, and others.

Fried foods are also problematic when it comes to oxidation because the trans-fat they contain hastens the process. Remember that your goal is to avoid anything that significantly raises LDL and anything that can cause the blood to get oxidized.

What you should eat to prevent this is pretty much the same diet you would follow if you wanted to be as healthy as possible, lose weight, or prevent many other illnesses.

Raisins, mushrooms, lentils, algae, peanuts, onions, eggplant, sesame seeds, blueberries, and avocado are 10 foods that specifically assist prevent oxidation. Try a carrot, apple, celery, and kale juice blend to help avoid it. Cucumber juice with lemon and grapefruit juice are also fantastic natural options.

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