PRESS A FINGER – Your Tooth Does Not Hurt Anymore And What Happens When You PRESS YOUR OTHER FINGERS!

This is an innovative and fundamental approach for balancing the entire body. If you exercise for 15 minutes every day, you will be free of a large number of problems in your organic being. Find out how you can accomplish it.

Jin Shin Jyutsu – is an archaic manifestation of the Japanese art of mending that assists you in adjusting your feelings due to the provocation of a few focuses staring you in the face. The foundation of this instruction is on the following guideline – each finger on your hand is connected to a specific organ that coordinates a specific experience.

If you need to impact a certain organ, bring a finger with your other hand and hold it for 3-5 minutes. When you do this, take a deep breath.

You may also harmonize your entire body by performing the same thing with each and every finger on your hand.


Organs: stomach and spleen.
Feelings: nervousness, gloom and concern.
Physical manifestations: stomach throb, skin issues, migraine, hypochondria.


Organs: kidneys and bladder.
Feelings: disillusionment, apprehension and perplexity.
Physical indications: muscle torment, back agony, toothache, digestion issues.

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Organs: liver and nerve bladder.
Feelings: uncertainty, outrage, sensibility.
Physical indications: issues in the blood stream, menstrual torments, vision issues, weakness, frontal migraine, headache.


Organs: lungs and digestive organ.
Feelings: concern, trouble, trepidation of dismissal, distress.
Physical indications: ear murmuring, respiratory issues, asthma, skin illnesses, processing issues.


Organs: heart and small intestine.
Feelings: concern, tension, apprehension, absence of self confidence.
Physical indications: heart illnesses, throat agony, stomach flatulence, issues with your bones.

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