What Can 5 Walnuts a Day Do for Your Health?

According to a new Yale University study, eating just 56 grams of walnuts per day has incredible health benefits. The researchers chose 46 adults ranging in age from 30 to 75.

All participants had a BMI greater than 25, as well as a waist circumference of at least 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women. The participants were all at increased risk of metabolic syndrome, which is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The diet for half of the individuals included 56 grams of shelled, unroasted walnuts. The other half of the group was fed a diet devoid of walnuts. The results showed that persons who ate walnut-enriched diets had better function in endothelial cells, which form the inner lining of blood vessels.

These cells aid in blood clotting and the generation of new blood cells, as well as inflammation regulation and blood pressure control

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Dr. David Katz, the study’s principal author, adds, “We know that improving diets is difficult, but adding a single food is simple.” Our argument is that adding a highly nutritious, satiating food like walnuts to the diet has two benefits: the benefits of the nutrient-rich addition and the removal of the less nutritious foods.”

As amazing as the benefits of Walnuts can be, sadly according to World’s Healthiest Foods: “Most U.S. adults have yet to discover the benefits of walnuts. A recent study has determined that only 5.5% of all adults (ages 19-50) consume tree nuts of any kind! This small percentage of people actually do a pretty good job of integrating tree nuts (including walnuts) into their diet, and average about 1.25 ounces of tree nuts per day. But the other 94.5% of us report no consumption of tree nuts whatsoever. In a recent look at the nutritional differences between tree nut eaters and non-eaters, researchers have reported some pretty notable findings: on a daily average, tree nut eaters take in 5 grams more fiber, 260 milligrams more potassium, 73 more milligrams of calcium, 95 more milligrams of magnesium, 3.7 milligrams more vitamin E, and 157 milligrams less sodium!”

SO, now that you know, go out and grab a bag of fresh walnuts and get cracking! Your heart will thank you for it.

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