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WARNING! Do You Even Know What Kind of Milk You`re Drinking and What The Numbers on The Packaging Mean?!?

Have you ever observed the numbers on milk packages’ bottoms? If you did, do you understand what they mean? Since those numbers are not inserted at random, this is not a foolish question, but they may also have deeper significance. The majority of milk consumers are unaware of their meaning or are unsure of it.

Every milk carton box includes numbers from 1 to 5, or in certain countries, 1 to 6, on the bottom. These numerals have two distinct meanings, and the first one should make you feel anxious. These figures specifically indicate how many times the milk has been recycled or reprocessed.

The legislation requires that the milk be sent back to the stores after being pasteurized once more at 190 °C. Since this procedure can be repeated up to five times, all manufacturers must print the precise number of times they have done so. Additionally, this is governed by legislation. The fact is that recycling or reprocessing milk—whatever you want to call it—is genuine and legal in some nations.

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If one of these written numbers (123456) is missing, then the milk was recycled exactly that many times. For instance, if the package has the number 12456 printed on it, the number 3 is absent, which means that the milk’s use-by date has passed three times or that it has been pasteurized three times.

Additionally, some milk cartons only show one number rather than all the numerals, which again means the same thing. If you purchase the entire box, you will find that the number missing from one package is written on the other one. This is another trick manufacturers utilize.

The second piece of information states that these figures represent the quantity of times the carton has been recycled.

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