Throw Away Your Glasses And Improve Your Vision With The Filatov’s Vitamin Bomb Recipe

In order to improve their vision and avoid further issues, Vladimir Petrovich Filatov, a well-known surgeon and doctor, suggested to his patients in the eye clinic in the 1960s that they try his complementary medicine in addition to their medical treatment.

He suggested a healthy vitamin bomb recipe, which was immediately popular once he shared it because so many of his patients tried it and were ecstatic with the results!

How to prepare it is as follows:

Vitamin Bomb- Recipe


  • 300 grams of honey
  • 500 grams of crushed walnuts
  • Squeezed juice of 3-4 lemons
  • 100 grams of Aloe Vera juice (aloe arborescent)

Method of preparation:

You must first prepare the aloe Vera juice. As a result, you should remove the plant’s upper, middle, and lower leaves.

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After that, wash the remaining portion of it, including its top, with cooled, boiling water to get the spikes out. After that, slice it into little pieces and use double gauze to filter the liquid.

Dr. Filatov advises against chopping the leaves right away and instead letting them sit on a platter in the refrigerator for 10 to 12 days.

Aloe Vera will next create the biogen stimulators, which are in charge of regulating the activity of the cells. Wash the leaves next, and then make the aloe Vera juice.

After that, simply combine it with the remaining ingredients to create your natural medicine. 30 minutes before meals, take a tablespoon of it three times a day.

Continue in this manner until your vision has fully improved.

This vitamin bomb is also very good for general health.

Note: Note that the use of aloe juice is not advised in the case of acute kidney disease, gastrointestinal tract issue, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, inflammation in the female reproductive organs, in the last trimester of the pregnancy, and cardiovascular problems in a decompensation phase. Moreover, the aloe Vera should not be older than a few years.

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