These Three Foods Can Lower Blockage in The Arteries And Your Blood Cholesterol Level

There are three items that you should combine because they will help you get rid of blood fat and clear out the blockages in your arteries. This drink combines ginger, lemon, and garlic.

The benefits of this drink are numerous; it’s a combination of three incredibly healthy meals that can greatly improve your body’s overall wellbeing.

The prevention and treatment of blocked arteries (atherosclerosis), control of elevated blood fat, prevention of general organic weariness, anticipation and treatment of infections and colds, elevated re-enforcing free radicals in the body that cause the most serious illnesses, and various other conditions related to heart diseases and circulation are the main reasons for this remedy.

The most worrisome aspect of garlic is his constant smell. We will notice right away that this remedy’s stink completely neutralizes the effects of retention when combined with lemon and water, so you have no difficulty using it.


  • 4 bigger heads of garlic (around 40 cloves)
  • 4 entire lemons
  • littler ginger root (3-4 cm) or two tablespoons of ginger powder
  • 2 liters water


Make sure you thoroughly wash the lemon before chopping it up. If the lemon is not natural, you should wash it in a solution of vinegar and water.

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Garlic and ginger should be combined in a blender after being peeled. Mix well. Place the ingredients and water in a metal dish and heat the mixture until it boils.

The stove should be turned off just before the boiling point and left to cool. Fill glass bottles with the liquid after straining through a medium-thick strainer.

You should have this beverage once per day, one glass or two dl, completely empty, at least two hours before lunch. (If everything seems the same to you, skip the pressing and sip the concoction.) Keep the beverage cold.

After three weeks of daily consumption of one glass as part of the treatment, you must take a one-week break before starting the same cycle again. You can add some nectar if, on the off chance, you don’t like the flavor.

You should notice a significant physical recovery after three weeks of use. This beverage is also beneficial in preventing calcification, which leads to blood channel blockage and the formation of organ stones.

Garlic odor will be eliminated by the combination of lemon, water, and cooking. You need to shake the mixture in the jug before drinking it.

I’ve used this remedy, and I can tell you that it works wonders for the elderly, giving them back their vitality and quality and restoring them since, after a few weeks, it improves their circulation.

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