How to Clean Your Pots and Pans of Burnt Grease?

In the kitchen, pans are necessary since they may be used to prepare exquisite stir-fries or nice cuts of meat. However, none of us enjoy cleaning.

To avoid splattering fatty food all over their hands and kitchen, some folks even give up making their favorite dish.

Avoid using rubber gloves and cleaning products that are packed with chemicals because they are more harmful than helpful. We offer some straightforward techniques for clearing grease buildups from your pans and pots.

1. Peel a potato and cut it in half

One of the halves should be covered in baking soda. It should be rubbed on the pan immediately like a sponge would be used. Although it takes some work, you should soon start to experience some benefits.

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2. Tea bags can also help you clean your pans and pots

Use an unopened tea bag to thoroughly clean the oily pan. Ascertain that the tea bag is dry. You’ll see how the grease in the tea bag melts and absorbed. Just 2 bags should be sufficient to clean your pans. Use whatever tea you choose.

3. Take a pot or anything else that is large enough so the pan can fit in

4-5 teaspoons of baking soda should be added. Boil for 30 to 50 minutes after adding water. You only need to wipe away any greasy remnants.

This method doesn’t require any additional effort from you, although it does take some time. For strainers, forks, spoons, lids, and other kitchen items that are challenging to clean with a sponge, it is most practical.

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