How To Heal Cavities Naturally Without Going To The Dentist! – A True Family Story

Dentists won’t tell you this because the dentistry industry is heavily funded as a result. No one would see the dentist if everyone realized how simple it is to treat tooth decay. 99% of people will say that it is impossible for teeth and caries to be cured organically if you ask them.

Dentists also consistently claim that tooth decay cannot be treated naturally and can only be treated with dental procedures, either out of self-interest or out of dishonesty.

You’ve been informed that a diet high in sugar is what causes tooth decay. According to the American Dental Association, carbohydrates between the teeth create an acidic environment that causes the enamel of the teeth to rot, which leads to tooth decay and cavities.

Although one of their explanations (the one involving the carbohydrate) has some merit, this idea has a lot of flaws. Numerous tribes and individuals who exist outside of contemporary society have been documented. These people never brush or floss their teeth, which results in a constant buildup of carbohydrates in their mouths.

A dentist named Weston Price traveled the globe in quest of such individuals in the early 20th century so that he could inspect their teeth and meticulously record his observations. Although bacteria also enjoy eating things including fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy items, they have never been linked to tooth decay or cavities.

Dr. Weston Price wrote of a number of instances in his practice, even in the 1920s and 1930s, where voids and cavities were treated without the need for drilling and fillings, in stark contrast to the existing accepted “knowledge.” Through research, Dr. Price learned that nutritional deficiencies, which lead to tooth decay and cavities, can be healed on their own.

Can the body heal itself?

Do you not believe that this makes sense if you approach it with an open mind and put any notions of morality to the side? Wouldn’t our body be able to heal a cavity the same way it heals a shattered bone or a hand cut? Why would a broken wrist and our teeth be different?

We’ll also share a portion of a woman’s tale related to caries and how to treat it.

The epic book “Diet and physical degeneration” by Doctor Price that I read a few years ago left me with the idea that caries can actually be healed with adequate nutrition over time. Intellectually believing in something and understanding how it actually operates, though, are two very different things, right?

This is why I’m so thrilled to share with you a recent incident with one of my kids. You see, the right maxillary lateral incisor of my oldest child suddenly became infected with a cavity. On the gums, there was caries behind the right tooth. One night, my husband, who takes great care to safeguard his teeth by regularly cleaning and flossing, noticed it.

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Undoubtedly, the tooth had a hole in it, and it was not a small one. We both agreed that cavities should be sealed right away.

I made an appointment right away by calling the dentist. While this was going on, I started to insist that my son take three butter-oil capsules every morning in addition to his routine spoonful of fermented cod liver oil.

He drank both oils while having that significant hole in the back of his incisors. Dr. Price discovered that combining these two healing and nourishing oils can hasten the healing of tooth decay.

Since the dental appointment was coming up soon, I kept giving my kid daily butter oil pills. I also advised my son to resume eating two slices of toast with raw butter and honey every morning as opposed to tahini and honey, which he had been eating for breakfast in recent months. Tahini is a thick paste prepared from mashed sesame seeds and sesame oil.

My son recently broke his habit of eating fresh butter every morning since he likes it so much. Did the development of the cavity change as a result of this straightforward breakfast change? Most likely yes.

I made no additional dietary changes for him. He did not pause to eat cereal, and he continues to consume sugar through “junk food” that he receives from his school on occasion. After all, he was still a teenager. You’ll cause a riot if you try to cut out carbohydrates and sugars from a teenager’s diet. Some lessons must be learned the hard way by children.

I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t keep my kids in a balloon and shield them from these things; all I could do was learn to be wise, and eventually they would pick up moderation for themselves.

Anyway, back to the story of caries.

As it turned out, we learned the day before the dentist appointment that the dental work would be postponed due to the dentist’s need to travel on family business. My baby’s due dates shifted for a few weeks, but he continued to take the three capsules of oil and butter with a teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil after his morning meal of two slices of bread with butter and raw honey.

I made the decision to glance inside the cavity last week before visiting the dentist to see whether everything had become worse. My spouse was a little concerned because it was one of the top front teeth after about a month had passed. My son cocked his head back and I grabbed a flashlight and kept looking!

There were no cavities or caries.

That is correct! Nowhere has any more holes. It was as smooth as the tooth next to it and has a full filling. My spouse looked at it after I told him about it. When he noticed that the holes were gone, he was overjoyed.

I’ll keep taking him to the dentist to make sure he doesn’t have any dental decay and to see whether the tooth has healed properly.

The best news is that not much has changed in order to treat my son’s tooth. My son has been eating his regular, wholesome meals at home despite “omissions” from his diet, which typically happen during school and other activities.

My son returned to using raw butter and tahini on his bread every morning, and we recently added butter oil to our usual diet in addition to fermented cod liver oil.

Dentist’s conclusion

In fact, we took my son to the dentist for a thorough examination and to ensure that his mouth was free of cavities and voids. The tooth was still present, but the gap had closed. In fact, diet can prevent tooth decay!

I hope that this tale has inspired you to change your diet in some way! In real life, Dr. Price’s research is effective!

About the Author

Sarah Pope writes The Healthy Home Economist blog. She is also a Nutrition Educator, Chapter Leader, and Board Member with the Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to “restoring nutrient-dense foods to the American diet through education, research and activism.”

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