How to Survive a Heart Attack When You Are Alone

Heart attacks frequently strike without warning, and many people must cope on their own. You only have around 10 seconds left before you pass out if you suddenly feel like your heart is beating “wrong” and you are ready to pass out.

The truth is that people are truly capable of helping themselves. The most crucial step in accomplishing this is to start coughing as much as you can without losing consciousness or panicking.

Take a deep breath each time you are about to cough. Cough long and hard enough to feel as though you’re trying to expel something from your lungs.

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Without stopping, breathe and cough once every two seconds until the doctors arrive or until your heart begins to beat normally.
By taking deep breaths and coughing, you can let more oxygen into your lungs.

This promotes healthy blood and cardiac function. This kind of pressure supports the rhythmic balance of your heart. It is the ideal strategy to stop any further harm, at least before the doctor arrives. Spread the word about this as widely as you can.

This could save a person’s life.

Cardiologists promise that at least one life can be saved if just one person shares this information with ten other people.

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