Feta: The World’s Healthiest Cheese That Nobody Talks About

The Mediterranean diet has been deemed the healthiest by medical professionals for decades, and US News even called it the best diet of 2019!

This diet has a lot of feta cheese, so we can truly consume it without feeling bad about endangering our health!

Feta is a mild, white, brined cheese that is high in calcium and minerals. It is a staple of Mediterranean cooking and may be found in anything from appetizers to desserts.

However, it is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product, which implies that it is created in particular regions of Greece and can be termed “feta,” and it is originally from Greece. It has a distinctive flavor and special qualities since it is created using milk from sheep and goats that have been grown on grass found in the area.

Because it also contains goat’s milk, the flavor can be a little bit softer and is a little bit acidic and crisp. It is manufactured in blocks, has a creamy texture, and is firm to the touch. If you have difficulties digesting cow’s milk, feta is a great alternative because it is manufactured from goat or sheep’s milk.

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One serving of feta cheese (around 28 grams) contains about:

  • 74 calories
  • 6 grams of fat
  • 260 milligrams sodium
  • 1.2 grams carbohydrates
  • 4 grams protein
  • 1 gram sugar
  • 0.2 milligrams riboflavin/vitamin B2 (14 percent DV)
  • 140 milligrams calcium (14 percent DV)
  • 312 milligrams sodium (13 percent DV)
  • 94 milligrams phosphorus (9 percent DV)
  • 0.5 micrograms vitamin B12 (8 percent DV)
  • 0.1 milligrams vitamin B6 (6 percent DV)
  • 4.2 micrograms selenium (6 percent DV)

Here are 4 health benefits of this delicious cheese:

1. It strengthens the bones and lowers the risk of osteoporosis since a 1-ounce serving of feta cheese has 140 milligrams of calcium

2. Being a “raw cheese”, feta has potent probiotic properties and contributes to a healthy and balanced gut, and treats diarrhea, vaginal yeast infections, urinary tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome, and even childhood eczema

3. It is rich in vitamin B12, so it naturally fights anemia

4. It relieves headaches and migraine since it is rich in riboflavin and Vitamin B2

Therefore, try the Mediterranean diet, which is high in colors and flavors, and is rich in this delicious cheese, and boost your health in various ways!

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