Losing a Pet Hurts More Than People Think

The joy and affection that pets provide to a home cannot be adequately expressed in words, as anyone who owns a pet will attest.

Pets are the ideal company; they greet us at the door and excitedly await our arrival so that we can spend some time playing with them. They can also pull off a variety of pranks and tricks to make us laugh.

When we are sad or lonely, when we need solace and a warm hug, or when we are joyful that life can occasionally be too lovely to be true, our pets are always there for us.

This explains why it’s so tough for people to let go of their pets. Being separated from a best friend, losing a pet is usually a stressful and heartbreaking experience.

Many people underestimate the suffering experienced after losing a dog, cat, or any other pet, therefore researchers looked into how devastated the owners are in these situations.

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The University of New Mexico’s Department of Psychology conducted the study. Owners of pets who had died were asked about their emotions by researchers, and they all agreed that the pain had been too great and deep.

Intriguingly, Hawaiian researchers have even discovered that the anguish we experience when losing a loved one is typically considerably shorter-lived than the pain we experience after losing a pet.

Many people concur that the anguish they felt after losing a pet cannot be compared to the pain they felt after losing a loved one. This can only be explained by the fact that pet owners have a strong emotional bond with their cherished animals, and they experience grief when one of them passes away.

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