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This is What Happens to Your Lungs, Brain And Mood When You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Himalayan pink salt lamps are probably already familiar to you, but you should be aware that owning them means you’ll have a source of uplifting energy, good health, and fresh, clean air right there on the desk, next to your bed, or in the living room.

Molecules, which are formed of atoms, make up all matter. Protons, which have a positive charge, electrons, which have a negative charge, and neutrons make up an atom (no charge).

As planets orbit stars, so do electrons around molecules. However, occasionally an ion with a positive charge is left behind when electrons go.

Such an ion tries to steal an electron from another molecule and replace it in order to fill the hole created by its tiny lost electron. Due to structural variations, certain materials lose electrons more readily than others.

The advantages of Himalayan pink salt lamps for health are as follows:

Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

The countless electronic tools we use, such as the television, tablets, computers, cell phones, appliances, audio, etc., continually surround us with electromagnetic (EM) radiation.

Despite being invisible, exposure to EM has major negative side effects, such as chronic fatigue, elevated stress levels, reduced immunological function, etc.

These lights eliminate electromagnetic radiation by releasing negative ions into the atmosphere. So, put one close to the TV, computer, or any other electrical gadget.

Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

Static makes your hair awful, makes it difficult to clear crumbs off the floor, and causes a number of other problems. It also causes annoyance, worry, and shame. However, these lamps eliminate static electricity because they eliminate the ionized airborne particles that cause it.

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Purify and freshen the air

The Himalayan pink salt lamps do a great job of purifying the air by eliminating pollutants including pollen, dust, and cigarette smoke. By drawing water molecules from the environment and absorbing them into the salt crystal, they have the ability to hygroscopically clean the air. The water evaporates back into the air when they warm up from the heat of the lightbulb, but the trapped particles stay in the salt.

Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

The Himalayan pink salt lamps’ natural light, which mimics the warm glow of sunlight and produces negative ions that raise mood and energy levels, is an excellent treatment for the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Treats Allergy and its symptoms

Due to the fact that these lamps remove microscopic mold, dust, pet dander, and mildew particles, having them in the space can aid in reducing allergy symptoms. Patients with asthma also experience significant improvements after two weeks.

Improved Sleep

Your sleep will be of lower quality if you are exposed to positive ions in the air excessively. Positively charged particles disrupt sleep cycles by decreasing the brain’s blood and oxygen supply.

However, because these lights naturally produce negative ions, they can assist you in reversing this problem and enhancing the air quality in your bedroom, which will guarantee a restful night’s sleep. If the light bothers you, you can leave it on throughout the day and turn it off at night.

Affects Cough

The hygroscopic cycling of airborne particles begins as soon as the lamp heats up, and this also changes the charge of the molecules that are released.

The cilia (microscopic hairs) that line the trachea (or windpipe) become sluggish and unable to operate efficiently to protect the lungs from pollutants, which is one of the health risks of positive ions.

The positive ions are also absorbed by the Himalayan pink salt lamps together with the water and airborne particles.

Negative ions that support cilial activity and maintain healthy lungs are likewise removed when heated water releases purified water back into the air. As a result, these lamps also assist the body in better air filtration and the prevention of pollutant inhalation.

Boost Your Mood and Focus

These lights also elevate your mood and promote relaxation. Additionally, the negative ions boost blood and oxygen flow to the brain and other body organs, which helps to improve concentration. The neurotransmitter serotonin, which is associated with happiness, is also released in greater quantities when negative ions are present.

Environmentally Safe Lighting

Environmentally safe Himalayan pink salt lamps are available. Their light is low-wattage, which uses very little energy, and their base is built of a sustainable wood like neem.

Additionally, it is thought that there are between 80 and 600 million tons of Himalayan pink salt reserves, which, at the current rate of extraction, would be enough for the upcoming years.

Boost Your Energy Levels

It is not by accident that we all find excursions, walks, and time spent in nature to be energizing. In particular, the levels of negative ions, like the ones produced by these lamps, are substantially higher in nature.

You’ll notice a difference in a week if you put the Himalayan pink salt lamp in the room you spend the most time in.

Choosing a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp and using it

The size of the lamp’s crystal determines how much space it will cover, so the bigger the lamp, the bigger the space it should be put in.

One pound of HPS crystal will purify the air in a 4′ x 4′ space, roughly speaking. However, you can add more lamps and place them anywhere about the house.

The locations where you spend the most time should receive smaller lamps initially, and the rooms with the most electrical equipment should receive larger lamps. We advise you to add lighting to unused areas to complete the collection.

Since it will take a week for the creation of negative ions to become apparent, the initial impacts should be anticipated after that period.

We advise that you maintain a close eye on the lamps positioned close to sources of steam like showers, dishwashers, or washing machines because the Himalayan pink salt crystals will begin to melt with extended contact to high humidity.

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