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This One Fruit Kills 12 Types of Cancers Malignant Cells

According to recent studies, the graviola fruit, commonly known as soursop or guyabano, contains an extract that can efficiently kill 12 different cancer kinds’ malignant cells.

It appears that this fruit’s extract has the power to eradicate cancerous cells in the lungs, colon, liver, pancreas, cervical, prostate, ovarian, and breast.

The treatment of this terrible disease may greatly benefit from this discovery.

This fruit, according to a pathologist from the University of Nebraska, has amazing benefits on the treatment of pancreatic cancer since it significantly lowers tumorigenicity and modifies the metabolism of tumor cells.

Additionally, a lab experiment revealed that this fruit’s extract is even 10,000 times more effective than the standard chemotherapy drug Adriamycin at eradicating colon cancer cells. Additionally, it has the great advantage of only destroying cancer cells while sparing healthy ones.

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Additionally, this fruit has demonstrated remarkable cervical cancer therapy outcomes.

The dietary extract of this fruit dramatically inhibited the development of MDA-MB-468 cells in both in vitro and in vivo tests, demonstrating that it also inhibits the growth of cancer cells through a mechanism that activates the EGFR/ERK signaling pathway.

In reality, this suggests that it might shield women from BC that overexpresses EGFR.

But Graviola’s remarkable qualities don’t end there; studies have shown that it can also be effective in treating other cancer forms.

The presence of acetogenins, which are strong compounds that can inhibit the NADH oxidase of the plasma membranes of cancer cells and so impede the growth of cancer, has been credited with its remarkable benefits.

Asimilobine, quercetin, friedelin, kaempferol, anonaine, xylopine, isolaureline, anomurine, and annonamine are just a few of the important phytochemicals that this fruit also possesses.

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