Ginger-Garlic Soup (Made With 52 Cloves of Garlic) Defeats Colds, Flu and Even Norovirus

This article will provide the recipe for a soup that effectively treats colds, the flu, and even norovirus. The soup contains more than 52 garlic cloves in addition to lemon, ginger, onions, and thyme.

For thousands of years, people have used garlic as a traditional all-natural treatment for colds, coughs, and flu. Its chemical component allicin is what gives it its antiviral and antibacterial effects.

Garlic is 100 times more efficient in treating disorders brought on by bacteria than two of the most widely used antibiotics, according to a Washington State University study.

Allicin, which has been demonstrated to prevent blood clots and to control high cholesterol and blood pressure, is produced as soon as the garlic is crushed.

Garlic kills a variety of organisms, including bacteria and viruses that cause colds, the flu, and earaches, and it effectively lowers the risk of developing atherosclerosis, the condition of hardening of the arteries. Additionally, researchers discovered that garlic successfully heals constipation and digestive problems and hypothesize that it can delay the development of cancer.

The British Dietetic Association spokesman Helen Bond, a consultant dietitian with a practice in Derbyshire, asserts that “This chemical has long been recognised for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.”

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People believe it will strengthen their immune systems as a result. Many individuals simply mince the garlic, combine it with the olive oil, and put it on the bread. But it hasn’t been definitively demonstrated how it works or even if it does.

However, opinions among specialists on its capacity to fend off the flu and the common cold vary.

The Cochrane Database, a global organization for research, discovered that consuming more garlic throughout the winter months can reduce the length of cold symptoms from 5 12 days to 4 12 days. The report did note that these conclusions would need to be supported by further, reputable research.

The main problem is that the big pharmaceutical firms wouldn’t support lengthy, expensive trials since they couldn’t patent garlic and make money off of its use.

However, as we have established, people have treasured and employed garlic’s medicinal benefits for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, it was used to treat 22 different illnesses. According to a papyrus from 1500 BC, the workers who erected the pyramids ate garlic to improve their general well-being and increase their stamina. Additionally, it was utilized by the Ancient Greeks to treat leprosy, blood and lung problems, infections, and bug stings.

The five-volume medical book written by Dioscorides, the private physician to Emperor Nero, describes how the Roman sailors and soldiers utilized it to increase their endurance.

Researchers recently discovered that garlic increases the body’s levels of antioxidants. Allium Sativa, or garlic, has long been used as a treatment for viruses and bacteria. Garlic has been used to heal wounds and stop the spread of infection since the Middle Ages.

Garlic can function in a variety of ways today, according to several studies, and can both prevent and treat a wide range of health problems.

The University of Florida nutrition science team demonstrated that eating garlic increases the amount of T-cells in the bloodstream, which are essential for a robust immune system and protection from infections.

A diet heavy in garlic can effectively lower high blood pressure, according to a study done in Australia involving 80 individuals and published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Additionally, researchers at the University of California in Berkeley found that allicin, the active component of garlic, kills diseases. Additionally, it enhances blood flow, avoids heart problems like high cholesterol, and widens blood vessels.

Another Brazilian study from 2007 found that gargling with garlic water, which is created by steeping crushed garlic cloves in warm water, can kill the microorganisms that cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Slugs and snails are also killed by it, and a University of Newcastle study revealed that the oils in garlic may harm the neurological systems of these slimy critters.

How to prepare garlic

In order to maximize the health benefits of garlic, two schools of thought recommend two different ways to prepare it.

The scientists at South Carolina Medical University contend that in order to obtain the highest concentrations of infection-fighting compounds, one should peel garlic and leave it uncovered for 15 minutes. Argentinian experts contend that baking garlic releases the allicin-like compounds that it contains.

The delightful home-cooked dinner we’re recommending today, garlic soup, has strong anti-cold properties. Due to the high concentration of virus-killing substances, daily consumption will prevent you from getting sick throughout the winter.

This is how to prepare it:

Garlic Soup Recipe


  • 26 organic garlic cloves (unpeeled)
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons (1/4 stick) organic butter (grass fed)
  • 2 1/4 cups sliced onions
  • 1/2 cup coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup fresh ginger
  • 26 organic garlic cloves, peeled
  • 1/2 teaspoon cayenne powder
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons chopped fresh thyme
  • 3 1/2 cups organic vegetable broth
  • 4 lemon wedges

*Serves 4

Method of preparation:

First, heat the oven to 350 degrees. Add the 26b garlic cloves and the olive oil to a small glass baking dish. Following that, season with sea salt and toss to coat.

Bake the garlic in the dish, covered with foil, for about 45 minutes, or until it is soft and beginning to brown. After that, take it out of the oven and let it cool. Put the garlic cloves in another small bowl after pressing them between your fingertips to release them.

Melt the butter in a large, heavy saucepan over medium heat. Stir in the ginger, onions, thyme, and cayenne pepper. Cook the onion for 6 minutes or until it turns translucent. Cook for 3 more minutes before adding the 26 raw garlic cloves and the roasted garlic.

The vegetable broth should then be added. Cover the pot and boil for 20 minutes, or until the garlic is extremely soft. The soup should then be returned to the saucepan after being smoothed in the blender. Add the coconut milk, cook it, then season with salt and pepper. The soup is complete!

It can be prepared a day in advance, covered, and kept in the refrigerator. You can reheat it if necessary over medium heat while stirring occasionally.

Before serving the soup, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice to each bowl.

Enjoy and strengthen your defenses!

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