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A Man Treated Diabetes Type 2 Without Medicine by Drinking Only This Every Day

Today, we’ll share the true tale of a man who, by ingesting raw fruits and vegetables and improving his overall health, was able to fully naturally treat his type 2 diabetes.

He specifically found he had diabetes by mistake when he suddenly developed a constant thirst. When he went to the doctor, the surprising diagnosis was made: he had 29 mg/dL of sugar!

His physician warned him that because his pancreas was failing, he would need to rely on insulin for the remainder of his life. This man started the suggested treatment and started taking daily insulin in addition to other medications.

The various medications he was taking caused new health problems, raised his triglycerides to 16, raised his blood pressure to 150/100, and the diabetes was just growing worse over time.

He therefore made the decision to adopt a new strategy and begin something fresh. On January 1st, he resolved to make an effort to get healthy and back in shape naturally.

After viewing the television program The Edge of Science, where Dr. John Zirdum discussed the advantages of raw foods and his own experiences after ingesting them for 12 years, I made this choice.

The man bought a blender for himself and began ingesting exclusively raw produce. The initial hunger pangs were intense, but he was able to control them, and after just a few days, his blood sugar levels dropped to 5!

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He stopped using the insulin medication as a result, and now solely follows a healthy diet. He dropped weight, his blood sugar stabilized, and his health was getting better.

He had no health issues and had shed 20 pounds after a month. He lost 2 additional pounds, never took insulin, had triglycerides of 1.4, and blood pressure of 120/70 in the ensuing three months. He stopped taking medicines and began to appreciate his improved health.

He revealed the formula for his preferred juice:


  • 2 kiwis
  • 2 apples
  • 5 bananas
  • A handful of kale


To produce the natural juice, combine all the components and pour 12 l of water over them.


This juice should be consumed in two portions: half in the morning and the other half during the day.

All who have followed this regimen report incredible health benefits, including decreased cravings, a sensation of fullness, and the maintenance of good health. Make sure to exclusively eat raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as tuna, which is a great source of B12-related nutrients.

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