Royal jelly

Royal Jelly: Benefits, Side Effects, and How It May Affect Fertility?

Royal jelly is a milky secretion produced by worker bees and thus feeds the queen and the young.

Many people believe it to be the healthiest substance produced by nature and utilize it as a natural cure for a variety of ailments. Royal jelly is thought to have been Cleopatra’s beauty secret.

When the royal jelly has dried, it can be purchased in powder form. It can also be purchased in its natural state, when it is thick and looks like honey. Studies have shown how breast milk affects male and female infertility.

Benefits of royal jelly

Royal jelly has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is also an antioxidant. It also contains special proteins and B group vitamins. In addition, royal jelly can help relieve various symptoms. So, royal jelly:

– shortens the duration of a cold or flu

– helps in wound healing and skin recovery

– lowers cholesterol

– regulates blood sugar

– slows down the skin aging process

– improves the work of the immune system

– relieves the symptoms of menopause and PMS

– increases libido

Royal jelly and infertility

In addition to these advantages, royal jelly can aid both male and female infertility. Research on rats, rabbits, sheep, and buffalo shows that royal jelly, which is essential for bee fecundity, also influences the fecundity of mammals. In addition to improving hormone balance, royal jelly impacts sperm quality, motility, quantity, and volume of the ejaculate.

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According to research, ovarian hormone levels were raised and folliculogenesis was stimulated at specific doses of royal jelly in female rats. Royal jelly has been demonstrated to alter sperm in human tests, but no research has been done to determine how royal jelly affects female fertility. Therefore, more study is required.

In order for royal jelly to affect infertility, it is important to take it at a certain time, in certain doses, and royal jelly purchased from proven beekeepers will give the best results.

How is royal jelly used?

It typically comes in smaller packets since it degrades quickly at high temperatures. Three to five grams of fresh royal jelly are consumed daily in two doses and are kept in the freezer. Lyophilized royal jelly, also known as royal jelly powder, is taken twice day, preferably on an empty stomach, in slightly varied quantities of up to two grams. Wait for the royal jelly to dissolve by placing it under your mouth.

Like other natural therapies, it takes some time before you experience effects. Therefore, it will be necessary to consume royal jelly every day for roughly three months to treat infertility.

Royal jelly – price

Royal jelly is quite expensive, in whatever form you plan to buy it. Thus, the price for 15 grams of fresh royal jelly ranges between 20 and 27 euros, while lyophilized royal jelly can be found at a price of 20 euros for 12 bags of 0.5 grams.

Unwanted effects

People who are allergic to honey and bee products should also avoid royal jelly. Additionally, if a rash or any skin changes occur after consuming royal jelly, it should be stopped immediately.

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