Breast cancer

Bad Lifestyle Habits That Are A Risk For Developing Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects millions of women globally. There is a chance that this condition will develop as a result of certain lifestyle choices and behaviors.

You do not self-examine

Breast self-examination can detect cancer at an early stage. If modifications take place, people will be able to see them right away, which is difficult if reviews aren’t conducted frequently, according to Eatthis.

You don’t do mammograms

Regular mammography is crucial for the early diagnosis of this condition. A woman’s risk of acquiring breast cancer is increased if she doesn’t undergo this test.


Cancer risk decreases when a smoker stops smoking. In particular, research has found that women who smoke are 20–30% more likely to get this illness.

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Drinking alcohol

Alcoholism in excess is also dangerous. According to study, women who consume more than three alcoholic drinks each week have a higher risk of acquiring breast cancer than those who don’t.

Poor diet and lack of exercise

It is advised to eat vegetables and fruits, which are good foods that keep the body healthy, rather than consuming a lot of processed food and red meat. Regular exercise is particularly vital because, according to study, women who exercise for at least 30 minutes each day have a much reduced risk than those who don’t.

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