Caffeine Also Removes Calcium From The Body – Be Careful What Time You Drink It

According to European dietitian Natalia Nefedova, a cup of coffee with breakfast in the morning is not the ideal choice for providing all of the body’s basic elements.

– Coffee contains chelates that aggregate metals and interfere with their proper absorption. If you constantly fill your food with coffee, you will get less zinc, iron and magnesium, warns Nefedova.

-In addition, caffeine depletes the body of calcium, which is one of the most vital minerals.

She suggests drinking coffee half an hour before or after a meal to provide time for nutrients to be absorbed from the food. A cup of coffee, she claims, is enough to lose 12 milligrams of calcium. Milk can be added to the drink to avoid this, according to the dietitian.

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– Milk is high in calcium; while vegetable milk is acceptable, you should go for a drink that is sugar-free and high in vitamins like calcium and iron… According to Nefedova, adding milk to coffee transforms it into a true snack.

She says 500 milliliters of cappuccino contains 206 kilocalories – which is a pretty nutritious breakfast. The nutritionist also recommends avoiding sugary drinks. They make coffee too high in calories, which leads to weight gain.

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