This Food Is By Far The Worst For The Kidneys: And Almost 90% Of People Eat It Every Day!

According to studies, about 90% of individuals prefer to start their day with a sandwich, and ham is virtually always a key component of this breakfast meal. Many people are unaware of how dangerous it is for her health. Experts warn us to be cautious when eating this cuisine.

To begin with, it should be recognized that while ham includes several beneficial elements, it also has one “side effect”: it encourages the body to retain water.

Large amounts of salt are added to this product to make it taste delicious, and 85 grams of smoked ham can have up to 830 mg of sodium, according to US Department of Agriculture data.

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As a result, regular ham eating causes water retention in the body, as well as swelling in the joints, feet, and hands.

The negative effects don’t stop there. High salt consumption can exacerbate water retention in people with high blood pressure, increasing blood vessel pressure and raising the risk of heart attack or stroke. It can also hasten the loss of calcium from the bones, which can lead to major bone problems if left untreated.

Furthermore, excessive salt has a negative impact on the kidneys and liver.

The dietitian recommends eating ham in moderation. Drinking additional water after a meal is also a good idea.

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