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Connection Of Polluted Air And Atherosclerosis

Tightening of the two inner layers of the central blood vein, which brings blood to the head, neck and brain, occurs faster after exposure to high concentrations of polluted air.

How are air pollutants and atherosclerosis associated? Long haul introduction to unclean air can quicken the procedure of atherosclerosis, that is, the thickening of the corridors, another investigation appeared.

Despite the fact that introduction to high concentrations of unclean air may expand the danger of heart assault and stroke, researchers say that reduction in polluted air may have the opposite effect.

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The examination included 5,400 individuals between the ages of 45 and 84 of every six distinctive US urban communities, and the respondents lacked heart disease. Experts examined the level of air pollution in the home of every respondent and with an ultrasound every three years examined the blood vessels of the examinees, and at the end they compared the results obtained.

Once taken into account and other factors such as smoking, the experts found that, on average, the carotid artery thickens 0.014 millimeters each year. The thickening of the two inner layers of this key blood vein, which sends blood to the head, neck and brain, was happening more quickly at exposure to high concentrations of polluted air.

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