This Is Why Egg White Is Added To Soup

To make the most delectable soup, blend as many different types of meat as possible, such as beef, beef, and chicken. More veggies, such as parsley, celery, and parsnips, can be added.

After the water has come to a boil, season generously with salt. The soup is always better when it is cooked slowly and at a low temperature, with the veggies added only after the foam has been cleared from the surface.

Into the soup, pour a glass of cold water.

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If the soup appears to be opaque, whisk the egg whites and add them to it while it is still boiling. If you add egg shell to beef soup while it’s boiling, it’ll become clearer.

Bake the egg shells in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for ten minutes, leave them to cool, and then crush them until the pieces turn into powder. You can add the resulting mixture daily in soups and cooked dishes and thus increase the calcium intake that is necessary for every person for healthy bones.

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