Add This Spice To Yogurt: You Will Lose Weight And Destroy Bad Cholesterol

This impact is explained by the fact that this spice includes a large number of phytospheres that can absorb cholesterol as well as chemicals that speed up metabolism, according to scientists.

People who ingest one tablespoon of ground cumin per day lose three times as much weight as those who do not use this spice while on a diet.

In a recent study, researchers from Iran’s Shahid Sadoughi Institute of Medical Sciences came to this conclusion.

The study included 88 overweight women who all cut their daily calorie intake by 500 calories and followed many healthy eating suggestions.

Half of the respondents, on the other hand, ate three grams of cumin powder per day, blended with skim and unsweetened yogurt.

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The group who ingested cumin dropped much more weight after three months.

They lost 1.5 kg more on average than women who did not ingest cumin, and their body fat percentage dropped by as much as 14%.

Women who did not eat cumin lost about 5 kilograms, and the share of fat decreased by 4.9 percent.

In addition, this spice helped to lower the level of bad cholesterol by 10 units!
Scientists explain this effect by the fact that cumin contains an abundance of phytospheres that have the ability to absorb cholesterol, and also contain substances that speed up metabolism.

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