How To Prevent Aging Skin On The Neck?

Women who spend hundreds of dollars a month on face care and make-up to hide their faults often overlook the fact that age is first visible on the neck and arms. So, whether you’re 19 or 39, start taking care of your neck today.

What can you do to maintain the youthful appearance of your neck?

Neck skin care

It is not really necessary to buy a special neck cream, but it is mandatory to apply a cream on that area every day. In the morning and evening, when applying the cream on the face, do not forget to apply the same cream carefully on the neck. Always do this with gentle strokes from the bottom up (from the décolleté to the chin) in order not to pull the skin down.

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Neck exercise

This exercise will help to strengthen the neck and prevent the chin from protruding (or to soften it if you already have it.) Turn your head up and pretend to kiss the ceiling with your lips by squeezing your lips in a kissing stance. You will feel a tiny tightening in the neck area, which will prompt you to tighten it further. At least 20 times a day, repeat the workout.

Proper posture

If you’re continually leaned over and your chin is almost touching your collarbone for the majority of the day, wrinkles will appear sooner. Maintain a level head.

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