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What Does It Mean When You Are Cold And Hot Sweat? The Difference Is Big!

What produces “cold” sweat, “hot” perspiration, and which is more hazardous to one’s health?

When you have a cold sweat and a fever, you should seek medical attention right away! According to experts, sweating can mean two things: intoxication (poisoning) or internal overheating. In the first case the sweat is usually cold, in the second warmer and none of these manifestations is harmless.

When your sweat is cold, keep an eye on your lungs because it could indicate an inflammatory process or a worsening of a chronic illness. Then you should take your temperature right away, and if it’s too high, you should see a doctor. Doctors warn, “This is a terrible omen, a sign that the body is fighting the sickness.”

Experts also point out that if you “throw off” a lot of cold sweat, it’s a sign of hyperhidrosis, which means the virus has infiltrated your body and is fighting it. The next step is to see a doctor, who will advise you on what to do next.

Sweating excessively can be a sign of other issues or diseases that are more complicated.

Sweating excessively is a disease that is usually caused by a problem with the endocrine system. “It’s typically accompanied by tachycardia, which is why many people seek care from a cardiologist,” experts warn, “but the problem is more endocrine.”

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