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Easy Tricks To Deal With Strong Appetite

A strong appetite is not particularly fun, but each of us has a strong desire to bite into something sweet. Of course, handing over the temptation from time to time is all right.

When dreams of candy or cake do not cease to follow us, however, they can have a very negative effect on our goal of losing weight.

The good news is that despite the painful feeling that the strongest appetite sometimes leaves, experts say it rarely lasts more than half an hour. Here’s what the experts advise to help.

Let’s take a walk

Its an obvious fact that craving is bound to happen when we are tired or stressed. Physical exercise can expand energy levels and improve mind-set, which reduces the desire to bite. A short walk might be all we need.

When participants in Austrian research are left in stressful situations, it turns out that those who go for 15 minutes are less likely to want chocolate.

A few deep breaths

The next time we are hit by a strong appetite for stress, we can try an easy breathing technique. Inhale slowly – until you count to four, breathe in for seven counts, then exhale until you count to eight. The exercise is repeated four times.

It gives us little time to calm down and exclude the “beat or run” reaction. This reduces the stress level.

Always drink water

Each time we feel a strong desire for sweets or carbs, we can drink two glasses of water.

It isn’t unprecedented to blend hunger with thirst. Furthermore, all the water in your stomach will actually top you off, leaving you less attracted to donuts.

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