How Exactly Should You Run?

The question that interests all runners is how long the run should take. Interestingly, when it comes to running for health / training / weight loss it is not the distance that matters but the time.

Generally, 30 minutes of running gives you enough advantages to adhere to this term – expanded flow, stress alleviation, improved heart and lung work, increased metabolism.

And yet resumes are never the best option, but it’s nice to take into account individual needs.


Race beginners / jogging should not be rigorous. It is great to begin at a low rate and steadily increment the speed. The best run-and-go procedure is for them. Keep running for 3 minutes and after that go 1. Rehash this 8-10 times.

If you want to increase endurance

The most important thing here is to keep running for a long time. If you run 3 times a week, do 4. If you run for 20 minutes, increase it to 25. Increase your pace smoothly and make sure you don’t overpower yourself.

Running for muscle

Running by yourself will not help you gain muscle mass. However, endurance and flexibility can be raised if you run with your arms and legs heavy. Add to running squats, push-ups, bumps, belly.

Explosive sprints are also good in this case.

Running to lose weight

The key here is low tempo and duration – minimum 40 minutes. Run non-fast, at an even pace and preferably without pauses.

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