7 Surprising Reasons Why People Always Wake Up Tired

Feeling tired despite the fact that you slept all night? To feel refreshed and prepared for another work day, we need a minimum sleep of 6-8 hours.  If you often wake up tired and without energy even though you slept all night without interruption there are some reasons that can cause you to tire. Below we find out who they are.


If you have recently been stressed or constantly worried about your responsibilities and everything that is going on in your life you may be anxious. Studies have shown that thinking about these things before bedtime can negatively affect sleep and cause even more stress. That is why you tend to spend the evening as calm and relaxed as possible.


Stress is one of the principle reasons why numerous individuals have issues with health and consistent tiredness. In spite of the fact that pressure is unavoidable throughout everyday life, resting in bed with it will antagonistically influence your emotional wellness and cause tension. Try to relax before bed and we guarantee you will wake up tired and fresh.

Horror  films

Before going to bed, it is not advisable to occupy the mind with negative thoughts, and horror films could do just that and disable peaceful sleep. For that reason, try to focus on something positive during the evening. Listening to music or reading an easy book is a great way to direct your thoughts.

Late dinner

Although many people like to eat before they fall asleep, it is a very bad habit. Doctors encourage not to eat in any event 2 hours before sleep time, particularly overwhelming suppers are not suggested. Namely, our body has to digest that food, and if the stomach is overloaded at night then after waking up we will feel quite tired and without energy.

Restless legs syndrome

Restless legs syndrome is a disorder that can interfere with sleep, and you may not know about it. It is estimated that 5-10% of the population is affected by this syndrome, and it is more common in women. The syndrome can be caused by certain medications, diabetes and even arthritis. If you think you have this syndrome, talk to a doctor.

Night apnea

Apnea is another disorder that can occur during sleep and manifests as a short-term respiratory failure of at least 10 seconds. Some of the most common symptoms of apnea are snoring, frequent waking at night, dry and sore throat, fatigue, lack of energy during the day, concentration problems. This is a serious disorder and needs to be treated as it may increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Teeth grinding in a dream

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a disorder that occurs during sleep, and in most cases is caused by stress, tension and anxiety. If this happens to you often it is possible to wake up tired because your body cannot rest enough. For a great many people, this wonder is transient and leaves without anyone else when we discharge pressure and stress.

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