To Lose 6 Kilograms In One Week, Drink This Powerful Chia Milkshake

Because of its high nutritional value, chia is one of the most helpful plants for our general body processes and health. The seeds have been utilized since antiquity and are particularly popular among women and men due to its high mineral, vitamin, antioxidant, and Omega-3 fat content.

A great number of scientific studies have demonstrated that chia can aid weight loss, but only when consumed in moderation (25 grams per day)

The seeds can help us burn weight faster in the waist and abdominal areas by speeding up our metabolism. The seeds include calcium, which aids digestion while also providing a sensation of fullness and reducing snacking and food cravings. It also aids in the reduction of worry and stress while delaying the onset of aging symptoms, which is why it is suggested by a lot of nutritionists.

Take the drink we’ve prepared for you below twice a day, one hour before your first meal and one hour before your dinner (3 hours before going to bed). Consume the drink for 3 weeks straight before making a 3-week pause and repeating the process if you are not satisfied with the results.

Ingredients you will need:

12 grams of Chia seeds

1,5 cup of Milk

Half Papaya


Simply combine the milk and papaya in a blender and blend thoroughly. Once you have a homogeneous mixture, pour it into a glass with 12 grams of chia seeds, stir well with a wooden spoon, and let aside for 1 hour before drinking. Feel free to toss in a few ice cubes as well.

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