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How Does Baby’s Eye Color Change?

Changing eye color in babies is a rare occurrence that occurs during the first year of life, usually between the sixth and ninth months, and is caused by genetics and the amount of melanin – the pigment that determines color – in the eyes.

Because they have very little melanin, newborns’ eyes are frequently light in hue when they are born, especially those with a paler complexion (a type of pigment that gives color to the eyes, skin and hair).

According to Parents magazine, the amount of melanin in the iris, the colored part of the eye, determines the color of the eyes. After birth, light stimulates the production of melanin, which can cause darkening or discoloration of the eyes over time.

In the first 6-9 months of life, you should notice a shift in eye color. You may notice that your baby’s eyes darken over the course of weeks or months. The transformation is so subtle that you may not notice it until they wake up one day with a new eye color.

Most kids develop permanent eye color by the age of twelve months, while some children may alter their eye color by the age of six, which is uncommon.

The amount of melanin (or pigment) in a person’s body is determined by genetics. Basically, the child’s eyes are blue, brown, green, or any other color depending on the parent’s DNA.

Even if both parents of the child have brown eyes, the infant may eventually have blue eyes if the parents contain blue eye genes somewhere in their genetic composition.

It’s nearly impossible to know the color of your baby’s eyes ahead of time. No one, not even a doctor, can foretell what color their child’s eyes will be as he or she grows up, no matter what they eat or do or how much light they are exposed to.

If a kid is born with brown eyes, it implies the amount of melanin given to it by the genetic code has already been met, and the color of the eyes will not change. It’s also possible to skip the color change in brighter eyes.

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