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7 Signs That You Are A Mentally Healthy Person

What is considered normal mental health, and what is the difference between normal mental health and mental illness? Sometimes the answer is quite straightforward, but often the difference is not so obvious. Formats for contemplations, practices, and emotions can propose when you should look for assistance for yourself or someone you care about.

What is the difference between a mentally healthy person and a patient?

“I didn’t pose this inquiry to therapists and psychotherapists, however to conventional individuals. A few respondents said that if an individual sees something that does not exist, hears voices that others don’t hear, or runs with an ax in his hand on the streets, at that point something isn’t right with him. Truth be told, it’s not as straightforward as it looks, “said analyst Ekaterina Oksanen.

“For example, art critics know that the boundary between madness and ingenuity is very thin. On the off chance that you presently attempt to envision the types of psychological sickness and its indications, you will see that you have comparative side effects, “she included.

Have you ever come out of your home, locked the door, and then returned to check that you had turned off the hotplate or iron? Psychiatrists do not consider this symptom to be completely healthy and believe it indicates a desire for something and an inability to stop.

Because of this and other similar situations, the question arises: What is the boundary between normal mental health and mental illness?


The ability of a person to criticize himself, his actions and beliefs, and to question information coming from his environment.


The capacity of an individual to react to a given circumstance. For instance: if there is viciousness in the family t. is. For a man to beat a lady, and both to be quiet about it, it means that neither man nor woman are  mentally healthy.  If she does not respond to the situation, ie. if not defended, it means that it lacks the adequacy that psychologists seek from mentally healthy individuals.


A healthy individual is one who has numerous characters and in various circumstances fits in with the earth. Every type of character is normal, but if a person has no choice, if he has one way of behaving and cannot include other behaviors, that is pathology.


Ability of a person to plan his future life and to adhere to the plan accordingly.


This trait tells us that a person in the same situation behaves in the same way as others. Breaking this criterion would look like this: one person comes to work quietly one day, the other comes into the office shouting aloud, and the third day talks on the phone with anger – the situation is the same, but the person behaves differently.


A grown-up, mentally healthy person ought to have the option to be controlled. It is typical for children to want sweets when they are not scandalized, but for an adult this is not healthy.

The Permanent “I”

Have you at any point felt your mind work one way and your spirit going in another? It is an infringement of your consistent “I”. It frequently happens when an individual encounters distress or loss of a friend or family member: She comprehends what is happening, however has not yet felt it inwardly. This is a normal situation in abnormal conditions.

How to identify a mentally ill person?

This requires you to have only 3 criteria: behavior that harms oneself or people in their surroundings, inadequate goals set by that person, and a condition that normal people experience, but also manifests itself in diseased individuals, such as distinguishing depression from mood.

For example, if you are in a mood for a day or two, then it is normal, but if you feel ill for weeks, it means you have a serious condition that requires treatment.

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