Did You Get Burned? Just Slice A Potato And Follow These Simple Instructions

Tissue injuries induced by heat, chemicals, or electricity are known as burns.

Most people believe that heat is the only source of burns, although burns can also be caused by chemicals or electricity. Although skin burns are the most common, tissues beneath the skin can also be burned, and internal organs can be burned even when the skin is not. Drinking a particularly hot liquid or a caustic substance like acid, for example, can burn the esophagus and stomach. The lungs can be burned by inhaling smoke and hot air from a burning building.

Whether your skin is sunburned or oily while frying meat in a pan, it is good to know that potatoes can alleviate the effects of sunburn.

Wash one potato and cut it into pieces.

Cool the burned area with pieces of potatoes. When warm, place the next piece. So, change them and cool the burned area for about half an hour.

With such cooling of the burns, a bubble is far more likely to form, so that healing can pass more quickly.

Of course, for more severe burns, consult your doctor.

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