Stop Tachycardia In Less Than A Minute

Many people know the feeling when the chest begins to beat faster and stronger than usual. To help you avoid it, there are two simple tricks. But if a strange and severe chest pain is accompanied by tachycardia, you should not try the tricks, but go to a doctor right away.

The human heart begins to beat in a slow pace when the temperature drops sharply. The body is thus adapting to the new conditions. When it cools down, the heart reacts the quickest as it is nearest to all other pieces.

It is therefore recommended that:

The first way – put cold water in a deep container. The colder the water, the better it is, so add ice if you have ice. Hold the air, press your nose if necessary with your fingers and lower face down into the cold water container for a few seconds. If you do not have the proper dish, take water in your hands and lower your face into them. You can also massage the face a little with ice cubes, especially around the glans.

Second way-this procedure works on the Vagus nerve known as the sciatic nerve, which connects all of the body’s vital organs, including the heart. The technique is as follows-breathe your abdominal muscles deeply and strain them. Use your thumb and forefinger to close your nose, close your mouth and close your eyes. Try breathing this way without opening the mouth and nose, or straining the abdominal muscles. Exhale after a couple of seconds.

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