Dill Contains Medicinal Properties

The healing parts of dill are the leaves and flowers, which are harvested until the herb matures, and the fruits that are harvested when the herb matures. Its healing properties are due to the vitamins and minerals it contains, the phytonutrients – monoterpenes (carvone, lemonone, anethofuran) and flavonoids (campferol and viscin). Healing properties:

  • It is suggested for use in nursing moms as it advances lactation (excretion of milk from the mammary glands).
  • It is given to small kids to mitigate and relieve cramps
  • An excellent remedy when consumed alone or with other related carminative plants (which improve digestion and reduce bloating) such as fennel, cumin, in conditions such as meteorism, aerophagy, bloating, such as intestinal, gastric, liver disease , kidneys and acids in the stomach (it is enough to chew one teaspoon of dill and swallow it)
  • Detoxifier that cleanses the blood and reinforces the heart (taken as a spice or tea to purify the blood and the body)
  • As a tonic for the liver (in its poor performance and jaundice)
  • As diaphoretic (induces sweating) and diuretic (if drunk as hot tea, causes more sweating and urination, and its healing properties and actions are used for influenza and colds, and in various inflammatory conditions where increased release of harmful substances is required from the body)
  • Digestive activity of dill when utilized as a spice, and its purpose is to stimulate the work of the stomach and intestines

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