garlic and red wine

In 24 Hours It Eliminates All Toxins And Stress From The Body! This Drink Is Such A Powerful Medicine That You Can Only Drink It 2 Times A Year

Drinking garlic and red wine will cleanse your body of excess salts and fats, so problems with bloating and overweight will be resolved.

Our body sometimes needs to be cleansed, to get rid of toxins and improve circulation.

This natural remedy will do all this and cleanse the body of excess salts and fats, but will also relieve you of stress and chronic fatigue.

Notwithstanding the utilization of this medication, long haul results are important to eat healthy, not eat fast food and drink artificial drinks full of harmful supplements.

Individuals who don’t drink wine might be bound to drink characteristic grape juice, harsh fruits and so forth since they contain healthy ingredients.

The ingredients you need for this drink are 12 cloves of garlic and half a liter of red wine.


Clean the garlic and sauté it, then put it in a glass bottle.

Add wine and close well. Keep it light for two weeks and shake it several times each day.

After two weeks, drain the drink and transfer it to another glass bottle. Consume one tablespoon three times daily for one month.

This is a very powerful medicine, so apply it with a six-month break between two treatments, ie only twice a year.

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