Radish – A Powerful Source Of Vitamin C, Potassium And Fiber

Radishes are a true natural wonder. They’re chock-full of vitamins and minerals. They have a distinct flavor and go well with salads and a variety of other foods.

Radishes come in up to 35 different species, which is fascinating.

“Radishes are a true superfood,” says Megan Bird, a dietician. “Vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B, iron, vitamin K, magnesium, and zinc are all abundant.”

They also contain glucosinolates that have anti-inflammatory properties. With such good ingredients, it is no wonder they are considered a superfood.

Improve immunity

Radishes include vitamins C and B, which help to boost the immune system. Vitamin B aids in the formation of enzymes and new chemical molecules, as well as the formation of new immune cells that carry out your immune system’s activities.

Reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes

Radish is high in vitamin C, which helps to prevent cancer. They include substances called glucosinolates, which protect cells from cancer-causing genetic abnormalities.

They also lower the chances of getting diabetes.

Improve digestion

Radishes are a natural digestive system cleaner, aiding in the breakdown and elimination of leftovers and toxins that have built up over time. They’re also good for lowering bloating and making digestion easier.

Low in calories

They are low in calories and rich in nutrients. A glass of radish has less than 20 calories and is a great source of nutrients and fiber that keep you healthy.

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