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Green Walnut Syrup And Honey That Protects The Immune System And Thyroid Gland

Young green walnuts and honey, which defend the immune system and thyroid gland, are the only two ingredients needed to generate a syrup with several health benefits.

Young green walnuts are high in vitamin C, and when combined with honey, they promote thyroid gland function, cleanse the stomach and liver, and help with respiratory illnesses. This syrup can also help with menopause and anemia symptoms if taken regularly.

You need:

40 young green walnuts

1 kg of honey

Method of preparation:

The young green walnuts should be washed and cleaned before being sliced in half. Put them in a container and cover them with honey. For 40 days, the closed jar should be left on the window sill. Do not attempt to open the jar.

Thanks to the healing juice that the nuts release into the honey, a dark colored syrup will be formed in 40 days. You can remove the nuts after the syrup is ready.

It is sufficient to drink 1 tablespoon of the juice every morning and keep it in a dark, cool area.

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