Parts Of The Body That You Should Never Touch With Hands

Usually we are not ashamed to touch all parts of the body with hands. It’s ours and we can sleep as much as we want. As for the transmission of microbes and infections, we mostly attach importance to external factors.

Yes, things still stand out quite differently. The fingers and hands are one of the biggest causes of infection. With their “help” we circulate microscopic organisms and enable them to enter the body.

Therefore, there are certain parts of the body that need to remain hand-tabbed, even when it is changed, because because of contact with the environment microorganisms quickly stick to the hands.


People touch their ears constantly and most often they do it unconsciously, while they speak, hear, see something or simply because they scratch them.

The ear canal is a direct entry for bacteria to the internal organism. On the inside of the ear canal there are mucous membranes, which additionally create a suitable environment for the development of bacteria.

So when you brush your ear, ensure that you first wash your hands before reaching to scratch.


Do not touch eyes with dirty hands. Not only can you inflammate them as well as fill with bacteria, but you can even get infected with influenza!

Influenza does not enter the body just through the mouth. The eyes are “ideal entry” for the pathological microorganisms. If you are ill with a flu, a person nods towards you and hits your eyes, your infection is guaranteed.

The inside of the nose

The interior side of the nose, which numerous individuals so completely investigate with its pointer, is additionally secured with mucous layers. The humid environment creates a prerequisite for breeding bacteria that are fed with dirty hands.

The mouth

Ever since our children repeat ourselves, we do not touch our mouth with dirty hands. It is the largest and easily accessible entry for microorganisms.

However, many people inadvertently peep into the mouth while doing something else. As per considers, an individual contacts his mouth by a normal of 23.6 times each hour, This is a genuine issue, which is fundamentally an immense level of the complete frequency on the planet.



Anus may not be the cleanest place in our body, but the touch with dirty hands hides risks. With our hands we can hand over foreign bacteria to the anus that will get sick.

The other possible danger is to spread bacteria from the anus to other parts of the body. Bacteria, characteristic of the anus or the so-called. fecal bacteria, are not harmful when they are in place.

If, however, I spread them elsewhere from the body with my hands, then there may be a problem. It is therefore necessary to wash hands after each walk in the toilet.

The face

Give your best to get rid of the touch of your face. This will greatly reduce the risk of infection and infection.

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