Mission White Teeth With Activated Charcoal

Toothpaste has been known since antiquity. There are data that the Romans and Greeks used their bones or shells as abrasives for mechanical cleaning of teeth. But since things have changed a lot since then …

The means of oral hygiene are widely used in the XIX century. At the very beginning, dentists use activated charcoal, salt or chalk as the main ingredient for toothpaste. At a later stage, however, they were replaced by sodium bicarbonate, better known as baking soda.

Recently, in 2000, dental specialists decided that bicarbonate bin possesses better antiseptic and abrasive properties than depleted activated charcoal, but is that so?

It turns out that all the time we washed our teeth with the wrong remedy, writes Woman’s day. According to the edition in the traditional toothpaste there is one very important element missing, namely the so-called activated charcoal.

Adding dark powder to the typical toothpaste isn’t especially wonderful to taste, however as per specialists it is very viable.

“The dynamic coal is utilized for some things in dentistry – it assimilates espresso stains and cigarettes on the teeth, is effectively battling with the stones,” said Daily Burn prof. Dr. Imprint Lulph – teacher of dentistry and extensive consideration at a dental college in New York. As indicated by the master on dental issues, dynamic carbon ingests up to 47% of poisons in the oral cavity. And since he literally cleans the plaque, his teeth could be washed out when he made the best ordinary prophylaxis in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

Active Coal and Dental Prevention

Sprinkle a small piece of coal in the anvil and mix it with water until you get a dense mixture. Put a bit of it on the brush and start rubbing. The results will be visible immediately.

“Do not add active charcoal to the paste every day, because frequent use can make your teeth sensitive,” advises Dr. Lulph. Prophylaxis can be done once every two months, but it is good to consult a personal dentist.

Another successful method for teeth whitening is toxin with hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide). It is available in pharmacies. Before placing it in the oral cavity, however, it should be diluted to 1%. The solution should also not be exaggerated because we could develop increased tooth sensitivity.

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