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Do Wonders At Night, Do This Trick Before Bedtime And You’ll Never Need A Doctor

Putting onions at night in socks is a well-known trick in China and serves to cleanse the blood and stimulate internal organs. In Chinese tradition, the feet are believed to be in direct contact with the internal organs.

The feet have around 7,000 nerve endings, each associated with a particular organ in the body.

Animating these focuses is significant for health, which is one reason why foot back rub is so significant for everybody. One of the best ways for the nerves to stimulate is with onions.

The strategy is basic, cut the onions in circles, place them on the soles and wear socks. Do it at night, so your body at night will get rid of the toxins you ingest during the day.

Onions are known to cleanse the skin as it kills bacilli and bacteria, and if this phosphoric acid enters the bloodstream by nerve endings in the feet, it cleanses the organs and blood. This acid kills the bacteria and bacilli found in the middle of it. In addition, although it has an unpleasant odor, in old England onions were used to purify the air of germs to prevent the spread of infections.

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