People Of Middle Age Should Go Faster

English health specialists suggest that middle-aged people go quickly in order to reduce the risk of severe illness.

Only 10 minutes speedy strolling multi day is exceptionally helpful for health, and decreases the danger of early demise with 15 percent, cancer – 20 percent, dementia – 30 percent, cardiovascular ailments – 35 percent, diabetes – 40 percent. However, most people move less and less after they have reached 40 years of age.

“I know very well that dealing with priorities in everyday life is pushing sports in the background – says Dr Jenny Harris, deputy director of the English Public Health Service. – However, if a person goes to the store to a shop or in a lunch break he goes fast 10 minutes, will continue the years in good health. ”

In order to encourage people to move more, British health authorities release a free application The Active 10. It helps users to incorporate more movement into their everyday life with tips and motivational incentives.

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