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Parts Of The Body That You Probably “Clean” Wrongly All Your Life

Even when we maintain the strictest hygiene, there are about 2,300 types of bacteria that thrive and survive only in the navel area, with many more likely to exist.

Here are some body parts that you’ve probably been cleaning incorrectly your entire life because no one has ever told you there’s a better way:

1.Clean the navel

Once a week, you should clean your navel in a precise method. To clean the interior, soak an ear stick or cotton swab in pure alcohol and use it to gently wipe it.

To remove extra alcohol, use a clean ear stick. Any lotions should be avoided.

Note: Be extremely careful and do this only along the outer “walls” of the navel, do not enter the middle.

2.Cleaning the ears

To soften the natural wax, apply 1-2 drops of baby oil or glycerin to the ears, but consult a specialist before doing so. Rinse your ears thoroughly with warm water after 1-2 days.

Wipe with a damp towel and repeat as needed. Earplugs should only be used for external shell cleaning; doctors advise against using them for internal cleaning.

3.Cleaning the elbows

To avoid the accumulation of dead cells around the elbows, you should do gentle peels once a week. Use circular motions without much pressure.

4.Cleansing the scalp

The scalp is full of dead cells that it is not desirable to immediately soak with shampoo. First, gently rinse your hair, then apply a dilute mixture of water and shampoo to make. If you use a mask or conditioner, use them only on the tips.

5.Cleaning the back

Because the back is one of the most difficult and inaccessible portions of the body, cleaning it thoroughly is challenging. To clean it, start with a dry brush to remove surface debris, then use a loofah (mesh) or peeling sponge to clean it.

Bonus: How do you clean the area where you have a piercing properly?

The easiest approach to clean the area where you have a piercing, according to experts, is to use a mixture of a little sea salt and warm water until the liquid removes all the debris.

As seen in the figure, you can achieve this by holding a plastic cup filled with salt water. Then wipe with a soft cloth.

It is, however, best to get advice from a specialist.

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