Kiwis – rich in taste and pretty colored; did you know that they contain more vitamin C than oranges? Furthermore, a kiwi has as much potassium as a banana does. Asians seem to be very lucky as far as healing and highly beneficial plants are concerned, because kiwis are considered the national fruit of China. Since it is available all over the world, we might as well benefit from it.

Here are a few things we should remember about kiwi:

-Rich in antioxidants, it provides protection against cancer and inflammation. Moreover, due to the high levels of vitamin C contained in this fruit, certain conditions such as arthritis and asthma can be kept in tolerable limits. They also contain vitamin E, thus doubling the protection against free radicals.

-In children, asthma can be tamed if at least 5 servings of kiwi or any other citrus fruit is consumed. Furthermore, it has been proven that kiwi and citrus fruits in general prevent the occurrence of asthma, wheezing, runny nose and severe coughs.

-Your cardiovascular health can be easily enhanced as well through kiwi consumption. The occurrence of blood clots can be prevented and the level of fats in the blood is reduced significantly. Magnesium, potassium and copper, all essential for the well functioning of the heart are contained in kiwi, so 2 kiwis daily can ease the burden of heart disease.

-Omega 3 fatty acids are also contained in kiwis; this means that strokes, coronary heart disease and autism are just 3 of the numerous diseases that can be prevented due to its consumption.

-Being a rich source of fiber, it acts as a natural laxative. Besides, it protects the membrane from the interior of the colon against toxins and other cancer-causing chemicals.

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