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Efficient Remedies For Dark Circles

Either every morning or only after sleepless nights, dark circles inevitably bother us because of the more than obvious way they affect our beloved esthetics. Dark circles make people look sick, depressed, stressed-out and, the worst of them all: older than they actually are.  In fact, the occurrence of dark circles is, most of the time, not your fault; produced through the same mechanism bruises are, oxidizing hemoglobin is what they really are. Here are some home remedies that will definitely help get rid of those nasty dark circles:

1.One of the most popular clichés is to put cucumber slices on your eyes in order to get rid of dark circles. Strangely enough, it really works: it lightens your skin and provides the necessary coolness your eyes need. So, put 2 thin slices of cucumber on your eyes while you lay back, preferably in the morning, for about 10 minutes. Be careful because you don’t want cucumber juice into your eyes!  After that, you can see the soothing effect it had on your eyes.

2. Tea bags are also a classic, efficient remedy against dark circles. Either black, green, white or chamomile (the only type of herbal tea that will work in this case because of chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties), you will notice the benefits of this method in minutes. Take two used cool, squeezed tea bags and place them under your eyes. Make sure no tea will drip into your eyes, because it will certainly not be pleasant. The caffeine or anti-inflammatory effect will reduce the puffiness and lighten the color of your skin. And, as a bonus, tea contains antioxidants which are necessary for healthy, glowing skin.

3.Another home remedy is composed of tomato juice and lemon juice. Mix two tablespoons of each and apply the lotion on the area. Again, accidentally dripping such a substance into your eyes will inevitably cause damage, so be careful.

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