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For Each Blood Type There Is A Suitable Tea That Suits It

You must have heard that there is a certain dietetic diet after a blood type. Did you realize that there are teas for each blood type?

Blood group 0

People with this blood type should avoid milk, beans and gluten. They manage pressure well, yet gastric corrosive can be a major issue. They should drink tea and juice from ginger, ginseng and green tea. Rather than coffee you should drink Japanese Sencha tea.

They also have parsley, hops, mint, dandelion and rosehip.

Blood group A

These people are very emotional and analytical. They are very prone to stress and have high levels of cortisol. Coffee does not consider them, and should only drink herbal teas, feed on fruits and vegetables (as few as flesh), deal with yoga and meditation. For them are green tea, jasmine, yarrow grass, thyme and marigold.

They also have hawthorn, ginger and St. John’s wort.

Blood group B

People with blood type B usually have a slow metabolic disorder, they are prone to autoimmune diseases, obesity, lethargy, chronic fatigue, and insomnia. They have a decent stomach related framework, yet they ought to be kept from microscopic organisms, particularly from ezherics. For them is green tea, sage and lemon emollient.

Parsley, mint, leaf of birch, St. John’s wort, dandelion, leek grass, thyme are also suitable for them.

Blood group AB

People in this group are intuitive and stress-resistant. They should focus on specific types of green tea and other related species, mint, peony. A blend of nettle and mint is especially good for men.

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