4 Signs That You Consume Too Much Salt

Sodium is urgent to our health, with the goal that our body can perform normal functions. We accept sodium with the salt we add to food. Salt as a spice is suitable for balancing the amount of fluid in the body and securing the muscles to clench properly.

However, when we overstate our utilization, our body advises us that the time has come to focus on the diet. We share 4 sure signs that it’s time to limit sodium.


One of the first signs of excessive salt intake is thirst. You’ve probably noticed that after consuming you take plenty of water. If you wake up very needing during the evening or toward the beginning of the day, this may imply that you expended an excessive amount of salt the day preceding.

Try not to pass this sign and attempt to change the eating routine, since abundance salt in every case antagonistically influences your body.

You feel swollen

Another sign that it’s a great opportunity to stop salty dishes is a common swelling. Sodium is a mineral that can normally hold water. Subsequently, the face, hands, and in general, you will feel and look more earnest than expected. This is also a sign that tells you to reduce the amount of salt.

High blood pressure

One of the fundamental purposes behind expanding pulse is overabundance sodium in the body. High blood is a hazard factor for coronary illness and stroke. When the kidneys can not be released from excess sodium, it enters the bloodstream.

When this happens, the volume of blood increases, because sodium holds water. This not only increases blood pressure, but also forces the heart to work even more harder.


Another dangerous effect of taking too much sodium is the risk of developing osteoporosis. If your bones are weaker and brittle, it may be an indication that you consume too much salt.

This is because sodium reduces bone density, which makes them lose weight.

Additionally, sodium keeps the body from retaining calcium – a substance that is basic to building bones and keeping them healthy. Even if you do not suffer from this phase of bone problems, reduce salt as a preventative measure.

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