Homemade Balsam For Protection Of The Lips

To regenerate the lips from “cracking” and protect them from new drying and peeling, protect them with a balsam that you can make yourself.

The lips are “firing” from the wind and the cold weather ahead of us, but when your immunity goes down, the body sends a message to the diet to enter more vitamins. To regenerate and prevent new damage, protect them with a balsam that you can do yourself.

You need to stand out for just five minutes. Mix three tablespoons of beeswax and just as coconut oil, then heat the ingredients in an oven or microwave while melting.

Then add a teaspoon of oil vitamin E and five drops of olive oil, then return them to the oven until the mixture is completely melted. Mix the ingredients and transfer them to a plastic case and your balsam to protect your lips is ready.

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