Four And A Half Cups Of Coffee Per Day – Dangerous For Life!

Consuming more than 28 cups of coffee a week can be harmful to individuals under 55, these are the consequences of the most recent research by the American researcher Rochester.

The study, published by the Mejo Clinic, states that it was found in males younger than 55 who drank 28 cups of coffee a week or 4 cups a day a 56% risk of death from any illness.

Ladies in that age, who so frequently consume coffee, are twice as liable to be in danger of death contrasted with other ladies, as indicated by specialists reviewed by 43,727 males and females matured 20 to 87 with a duration between 1971 and 2002.

“According to our research and studies, it is safe to drink one to three cups of coffee per day. Consuming 4 and more mugs can be risky to health, “said Ksuemei Sui, an investigation co-creator at the University of South Carolina. That cup is defined as 28 grams of coffee.

On the one hand, caffeine in coffee increases the number of heart rate and blood pressure, as well as the level of blood sugar. On the other hand, it is the best antioxidant.

Accordingly, no significant association of coffee and heart disease has been identified, and further research will be carried out to investigate the association of coffee with cancer.

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